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I am new to this forum. I have been searching for how to protect my old white 2007 Mac Book (NOT PRO)  core 2 duo Intel. I upgraded it when I bought this 2013 Mac Air and gave it to my wife. It has a SSD HD, 4G ram,  a new screen/display inverter, magsafe board and airport card. I did a clean install with a new CD with Snow Leopard.  The machine and software runs great and I know how to work on it. But I am increasing concerned about lack of security when browsing. Firefox is the default browser but it is no longer supported 48.0.2  and as you know Safari is also not supported and it increasingly opens fewer websites. 

I was wondering about using "leopard-webkit" as a browser. Any good or bad information about that browser? Should I also add anti-malware to this laptop? I have not used any anti-malware on  my Macs. I do run Ghostery and Better Privacy. I also lock all files in adobe every time I update it to keep cookies from being attached and my wife is schooled in not opening anything the just pops up including stuff in her email. 

I notice since I started reading this site you offer both a free and paid version of what looks like an anti-malware program. I'll look in to this but an information is appreciated. 

Thanks ahead of time  

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There is no version of any Malwarebytes software that will run on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). At this point, the current version of the software requires 10.9 or later.

I'm not familiar with "leopard-webkit," and am not sure what browsers will run on 10.6 at this point. Whatever browser you use, you should not have Adobe Flash Player installed at all. The current version does not support anything older than 10.9, which means that running it on any older systems requires running an older - and vulnerable - version of Flash.

My personal advice with regard to 10.6 is to abandon it at this point. It's simply no longer secure, and it has become impossible to truly secure it without disconnecting the machine completely from the internet.

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Great personal advice, Mr Reed. Please take down my request for Softonic AVG on this topic of 10.6 MBP. I can't find it now or I would take it down myself, or perhaps I never even posted it, after reading this by the moderator Thomas Reed.

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