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MSP (LabTech plugin) feature request: update MBAM

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PLEASE add the capability for MBAM to auto-upgrade the program (or at least give us the ability to push program upgrades) within the Labtech/MSP plugin !!!
After Malwarebytes recently released a new MSP/business version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (supposedly fixing MAJOR compatibility issues with Windows 10), I realized that there is NO way to upgrade the software on previously-installed computers using the Malwarebytes/Labtech plugin. The majority of my workstations (all previously-installed) now remain on v1.80.0.1010, while the new, more compatible v1.80.2.1012 is only installed on NEW installations.
Unfortunately, the plugin is the ONLY way to install this software on computers, meaning that EVERY COMPUTER must have the old version MANUALLY uninstalled (using the plugin interface), then the new version of Malwarebytes MANUALLY installed (again, using the plugin interface) in order to upgrade. This is asking FAR too much of any MSP, regardless of size - we simply can't afford to spend that much time uninstalling/reinstalling every time Malwarebytes issues a program upgrade.
Strangely enough, the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit piece of the Security Suite appears to upgrade on its own as new versions are released, only the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software does not.
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This is the same for our product offerings as well, our standalone and managed solutions need to have Anti-Malware uninstalled and then redeployed if you are pushing with a third party tool; GPO, PDQ, SCCM and so on. The Labtech version is built on the standalone version of the product and follows those same requirements.

This is not a solution that can be baked into the plugin installer. The plugin we make for Labtech is made to install Malwarebytes installation files to the Labtech console. The deployment of Malwarebytes from the Labtech console to the client machine(s) is up to the deployment engine that Labtech uses within their solution.

Independant upgrade ability is something that may be brought into next-gen versions of Anti-Malware.

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