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I've been a long-time user of MB2 (both free and premium). When I first heard about MB3 I was excited by the idea of having one centralized security solution from the makers of the excellent MB2. That excitement disappeared rapidly. I'm sorry to have to say this, but MB3 is a buggy mess that should be labeled as prerelease/beta software. I'm sure there will be questions to post my setup and try to troubleshoot the exact issue but I know my way around computers and this software is labeled as release. It should not have this many issues, let alone slow a maxed out Surface Book to a crawl. I have browsed these forums, used every version from 3.0 up to 3.06, I have been tracking the changelogs, ... I am clearly not alone, but yet there seems to be very little to no effort by Malwarebytes to communicate clearly about the multitude of issues. Just now, to uninstall the app, I had to manually kill one of the MB services that caused the uninstaller to hang.

I'm out for now, unfortunately that means I'm losing time on my subscription but I just don't have the time to troubleshoot anymore. I sincerely hope you'll be able to get this product in a more stable state soon but it is clear it won't happen overnight.

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Guys, don't want to step on anyone's toes here, but if you read the OP's comments he has tried all versions of MB3 including 3.0.6 (although the OP does not say if it was or

It would be up to the OP to test with folks from staff to get it going, but the OP seems to only be venting/sharing his opinion about his findings with version 3.

That being said, as @PaulAllen already stated, he can revert back to version 2.

@benvddriessche if you would like to revert back to version 2, below is the link for the download of version 2


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I think Malwarebytes really took a very wrong decision as labeling this as a release software. There is no doubt that this is too buggy to be labeled as a release, and actually even more bad Malwarebytes advertising it as a release product, people get attracted to it and buy the subscription but what they receive? An unfinished, buggy and slow program that should be in a beta-testing instead.

Gladly, I didn't have too much problems with MB3, just an installation problem that happened once, and sometimes the real-time protections turning off for no reason, which seems to have disappeared.
I know Malwarebytes rushed things a little too much about labeling this as a release without making sure it is stable, but it doesn't mean that it is an amazing piece of software

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20 minutes ago, benvddriessche said:

@Firefox Thanks for the input and link. And yes, I am aware venting isn't particularly constructive but buying a year's subscription for an unfinished product will have that effect :)

Your welcome, and its your choice/right to vent as long as its done constructively as venting or providing your opinion becomes a form of communication and getting the word out on how you feel about the situation. 

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I am with benvddriessche... The difference being that I have never used 2.x version...


There are a number of shortcomings of the MB 3.x train:

  • New version(s) released without documentation for installing it. Some say just install it over the previous version, while other state uninstall it first. Malwarebytes should clearly document this
  • The installation routine may and may not work correctly, regardless of the type of installation. Cleaning up is a time consuming process
  • Once the MB is installed, it may work for a day or so and then, it self-destructs

My other gripes is that MB installs in to the "C:\Program Files" folder, even if it is not fully 64-bit program. For example "mbam.exe":

mbam 32bit.jpg

Or, "mbamtray.exe":

 mbamtray 32bit.jpg

I am sure that there are other, but I've stop looking...

While mixing 32 and 64-bit applications, dlls, etc, is not unusual, there are some issues with it. For example, the performance of the program as a whole will be impacted and it may impact the security of the program as well. I wouldn't be too surprised to learn the interacting 32 and 64-bit processes are responsible for a large chunk of the issues with MB3.x, or at least some of it...


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I have finally given up on Malwarebytes.  I originally "upgraded" from MWB 2.2 to 3.0 and had several issues, including slow startups, protection failings, and, most of all, the "Unable to connect the service" error, which was evident in the Beta versions, and still hadn't been fixed when the final product was released.  I then went back to 2.2, and all was fine, but today, I find that I am nagged by 2.2 to upgrade the program, which I did, assuming that all of the problems must now have been fixed.

How wrong could I be?  After the initial reboot, which took ages, YET AGAIN, the "Unable to connect the service" error popped up - so this has STILL not been fixed from the Beta!  I then decided I'd had enough, and tried to uninstall the program, but received 'run time' and other errors, which prevented me from even getting rid of it.  I reinstalled 3.x, but that didn't help, so I ran the MBAM Cleaner tool, and that still wouldn't uninstall the program - WTF!!  I eventually booted into safe mode, and managed to uninstall it via Windows, and it now seems to have finally disappeared.

This 3.x upgrade is an atrocious violation of what was once a decent program.  How can MWB release this program, and impose an upgrade on the working 2.2 version, when there are still serious issues, evident from Beta, which have still not been fixed?  If MWB think I am going to remove my long standing anti-virus product, in favour of this abysmal piece of software, then they have another think coming.  How can I trust a program with my computer's security, when it won't even start?  :angry:

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