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Web protection won't enable

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MWB starts with web protection disabled and a red warning triangle. I have tried everything suggested so far and it has not made the slightest difference. Clean re-install, updating and closing the program from sys tray and restarting. Rebooting. The only way I have been able to get web protection going is to manually select it in settings, then it shows 'starting' continuously. Some time later, maybe an hour, I look and see that the red triangle is no longer there?

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1 hour ago, kookabarchonok said:

I have  Malwarebytes (3.0.6) and web protection will not enable. BTW Chrome is my preferred and usual browser.

The same happened to me after the update of yesterday. Likely  incompatibility with Avira antivirus prevents realtime protection? If yes it is a real drag because I purchased both.


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I'm having the same issue.  I previously had to restart the Malwarebytes service to get Web Protection to start and but wanted to test this after Prisco's comments as I have both MB and Avira installed so I rebooted.  Web Protection started up successfully this time.  Seems intermittent.  I also have 3.0.6 installed and use IE 11 as my default browser. 

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Same issue, but I'm not using Avira (I'm currently using Panda free antivirus ).
Have to kill malwarebytes, go to services and start the service, and then restart malwarebytes, seems to work 80% of the times)

Untill this is sorted, is there a rollback to v2 of malwarebytes avalible on the server?

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Malwarebytes 3.0.6 isn't in a beta state anymore. Also, you are free to go back to Malwarebytes 2.2.1 if 3.0.6 isn't stable enough for you. Malwarebytes is currently working hard on fixing all the issues that have been reported, I would rather see them take their them and tackle a lot (if not all) the issues in the next release, rather than see them release a bunch of new versions with only a few bugfixes each time.

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I have found something that works for my 5 computers. Uninstall MB 3.06 and reinstall using "Install as Administrator." You should have to reenter your activation codes to get to the advanced features. Go to "Settings," "Application," scroll all the way to the bottom and check "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center."  I am running Vipre Antivirus in conjunction with MB and that may be the reason for the latter.


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Hi leinieman,

I'm running version:

Today upon startup of Win8.1 I was greeted with the all to familiar MWB warning that Web Protection was turned off. Keying off of your success, I tried this and it worked for me today (so far, and I've done a couple reboots since) :

I didn't uninstall anything.
I opened MWB | Protection tab | turned on Web Protection, and as usual, it just sit there spinning "Starting".
Next (as you suggested) I chose the non-default "Never register . . . "
I closed MWB, waited less than a minute, and the Web Protection came on by itself.

Having joy with that, I decided that "Always register . . ." would be happier, so I chose that and exited MWB. I immediately and briefly see this Action Center popup from the System Tray:

That pic above is a correct notification, because in Win8x, Defender is both anti-virus AND anti-malware. The new MWB is also both anti-virus AND anti-malware, and replaces Defender. Action Center now looks like this:

To test this further, I did not close MWB, I just chose "Let Malwarebytes apply . . .". I immediate get this popup from the Tray:

Interestingly, with MWB still open, the MWB icon in the tray still looks ok (no red), and a right click shows:

It would seems that at his point, my PC is using BOTH Defender and MWB for security scanning. What program is doing what security would require further testing and I have other (paid) work to do today.

At least from my testing, it appears that the situation where Web Protection won't start, can be cured by toggling that Windows Action Center section on MWB's Application tab.

I just ran a MWB "web" test (ie. http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ ) and MWB seems to be working. I get Tray popup:

As a confirmation test, I now just toggled it back to "Always register . . ." and once again MWB seems to be king of the hill:

For now, I'm leaving it at "Always register . . .".  At least this way, I think I'm getting what I paid MWB for, or at least I hope I am. This feeling of uncertainty doesn't speak well for the sense of protection that I'm supposed to get from a security product. For this reason, at this version and this build level, if I were asked how likely I was to recommend MWB to a friend, I would have to answer that question as a 1 out of 5.


Regards . . .







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(For whatever reason, I can no longer edit my post above. Here's the revised conclusion to that post) :

As another test, I just downloaded the eicar.com.txt file ( https://secure.eicar.org/eicar.com.txt ). I removed the ".txt", right clicked on it for a MWB scan, and MWB says:
That is not reassuring by any means :-(

For now, I'm leaving it at "NEVER register . . .".  At least this way, I know anti-virus at the file level is working via Windows Defender. I click on eicar.com and at least I get :

I also get this one:

And as before, (with Defender running for file level security) going to http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ seems to suggest that MWB is providing some level of web protection.

This feeling of uncertainty doesn't speak well for the sense of protection that I'm supposed to get from a security product. For this reason, at this version and this build level, if I were asked how likely I was to recommend MWB to a friend, I would have to answer that question as a 0 out of 5. Additionally, base on my testing and imho, MWB should completely pull v3.x off the market until they are they are absolutely sure their product is capable of providing both web AND file level protection, if they contend that this product is also "anti-virus". No anti-virus product should fail the eicar.com file test.

Regards . . .

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I was able to get 3.06 working on 4 of my 5 computers but one is still resisting the cures I have seen posted. I just tried rolling back to the previous version but it won't register and claims it has no internet connection. I'm going to uninstall on that machine for now. I think we'll just have to wait for the next version to arrive. I am running W7 on 4 machines and W10 on 1. The problem child is a W7 machine.

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