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Within our company we have a program which we use. the EXE file is on the server and users connect through it using a shortcut which is located on their desktops.

Now when they use the internet explorer and they want to browse for files (upload/download) the IE crashes.

We have had the message  "Exploit payload from UNC blocked          BLOCK  \\servername\Chemges\chemges.exe" so we have put this in the exlusion list. however it still keeps blocking. 

as soon as we disable the anti exploit it all runs well.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip

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This is by design as some exploits use WebDAV and UNC paths to deliver their payload. So our MBAE Layer3 Application Behavior protection blocks this generically. Since exploits ITW haven't used this technique for many many years, you can safely disable this under Advanced settings -> Application Behavior and disable the UNC protection for browsers. MBAE still has dozens of other layers that will protect against similar exploits, so you are not really reducing your effective protection.



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If I go to edit the client policy and go to Anti Exploit->Advanced -> Application Behavior Protection I do not see an option to disable the UNC protection for browsers.  The only options that are present are:

Malicious LoadLibrary protection

Protection for Internet Explorer VB scripting

Protection for MessageBox payload

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We're experiencing the same issue regarding desktop shortcuts to unc paths...whitelist exclusion has no effect. Is it safe to disable the 'malicious load library' setting? 


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