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MB Mobile, Charging Display Samsung Phone Overheat?

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Have Malwarebytes Mobile v2.1.1.16 on my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (about 18 months old) with Android v5.1.1.  (I am a paid subscriber of your PC MB products).  Before installing the MB Mobile app, on my phone I had Settings icons, Developer Options turned on, and Stay Awake checked so when the phone is charging the home screen with icons is dimmed.  Malwarebytes Mobile as part of its security settings considers Development mode On as an insecure setting.   So I turned Development Options Off to make Malwarebytes Mobile happy.  So when the phone is charging with this setting, a bright multicolored screen appears using more battery juice when charging and causes the phone to overheat to 95 degrees plus, with phone message on screen when unplugged it from charger (happened more than once) says it is cooling down and is hot and shutting down some background apps and the bottom of phone in a case felt quite warm.  Another higher end model of Samsung phones was recalled in the fall, but not this phone.  Over weeks of troubleshooting since Thanksgiving and have not had the problem since before Christmas when turned Developer Options back On with Stay Awake checked, I have not had the overheating problem.  I have an app Cooler Master monitoring the phone's temperature.  In my troubleshooting considering myself moderate to high tech minded, I replaced the battery with a new one (fortunately phone had removable battery), shut down the phone and removed the battery for a couple minutes and put it back in and started phone back up, and dimmed the display to about 60% (not big deal right now outside with low winter sunlight), but nothing really worked until changed the Developer Options Stay Awake setting back On which Malwarebytes Mobile does not like.  I am looking to replace this phone within the next month not with Samsung (for safety cautious, not charging it overnight while sleeping), but posting here in case anyone else having this problem Malwarebytes Mobile with a Samsung as a possible, maybe not only the one, cause of phone overheating.

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By spurkza - Reposted in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile subforum.  Misposted in this mobile subforum by mistake.  Could not figure out how to reach web moderator.  Moderator, please delete this topic thread here, keeping the one in other subforum for others to read and respond to.

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