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Bitcollider bitzi issue

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Gooday guys:

Today, I was installing Bitcollider from Bitzi <http://bitzi.com/> and MalwareBytes put it under quarantine. So, can anyone tell me if it is a real issue or a false-positive?

To me, Bitcollider seems ok but you are the experts and have the last word.

that's it and see ya !!

Thank you

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What it the actual install or part of what it dropped because the installer does not seem to be detected .

Gooday mate:

First of all, sorry for the miss-information.

Let's go to the point:

1- I installed "bitcollider" from Bitzi; no problems at all.

2- Once installed I run it, and Malwarebytes 1.38 put the file "bitcoll.dll" under quarantine. Under the vendor column it is classified as a "Adware.Agent", and under the reference number column it shows this number: 22460. :(

3- Currently, bitcoll.dll in under quarantine.

4- I will wait for your advice before take further action.

I don't know what is going on. Bitcollider seems like a reliable application but I trust a lot in Malwarebytes. So can anyone help me with this issue. :)



Bitcollider is an application which identifies any kind of file through the file's hash. It is very handy for P2P networks

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No answer :)

is not important for you? :D

no problem

You are no less important than the millions of other people and the issues that have .

The next update should have a fix for this .

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