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Removed all of my quarantined files, suddenly lost every file in my documents/downloads

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I have a had a problem on my pc for a while that in google chrome I kept having to click away ads, additional pages were opening and settings changed unwanted so I decided to scan my pc, first using avg but that found nothing, chrome cleanuptool didnt want to start so I ended up using malwarebytes.

it quite quickly found like 10000 'dangerous' files and quarantined them. (These were like 1/4 'fraudtool' and 3/4 PUP) I am not really fantastic knowing what these do, and just decided to remove them all. When I did this malwarebytes said I had to restart my pc, so I did. When it started up again I didnt notice anything had changed and malwarebytes again said I had to restart, I had to restart like this for about 5 times when my pc suddenly gave me the message that there was a problem and that it was usually resolved by logging of and logging on again. When I did this, suddenly my taskbar was empty besides microsoft edge. When I checked my documents every single one had dissappeared, in my downloads same thing. A bunch of programs stayed, but seemingly random programs had dissappeared as well (discord, minecraft) now these are things I can easily install again. However many files that disappeared are really important schoolwork. And I can not imagine my pc removed all of those files in such a short time. Is there any way to restore these files?


~a desperate kid who really needs his files back

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