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forever licenses?

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So my old VAIO laptop is suffering from a glass of wine that my wife poured into it, and I'm moving to a new computer.  I went to install V3 on the new computer and I had my credit card ready to pay for the new version.  Then I figured out with the help of cleverbridge that my licenses are perpetual, for ever.  Big mistake, new versions should cost a bit more.  Look at Fineprint to see how they do it.  What do you guys do for lunch money?

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They haven't sold perpetual licenses for a number of years now.

Look at it this way - when you bought your perpetual license, your money was worth a bit more - both because of inflation in subsequent years, and also, because Malwarebytes was a young company that needed both capital and strong sales to support the growth of the business. So, by being a very early adopter, you're effectively getting a loyalty discount. Similarly, those of us with existing subscriptions are able to use MWB 3.0 for the same yearly subscription as before - whilst newcomers to MWB 3.0 do indeed have to pay "a bit more".

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22 minutes ago, truenorth said:

I feel I should pay something.  I suggest that the company does away with perpetual licenses.  Crazy idea.

Yeah that is a crazy idea... I for one want to keep my lifetime licenses.

If you are feeling like you should pay something, feel free to donate some $$$ to a good cause in honor of Malwarebytes.

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