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Realtime Protection not starting after upgrade to 3.0

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After upgrade of MB from 2.2 to 3.0.5 the Realtime Protection Service will not start. It remains at "Starting" until the application is closed down. When re-opened, the service no longer says "Starting" but is now just off.  All other services appear to be functioning.  Also, scans take only a fraction of a second before they complete, reporting 0 items scanned.

I have uninstalled both the old and new versions, rebooted several times, removed by hand any old Malwarebytes program folders and registry entries.  Re-installed MB 3 and still have same issue.


I am running Windows 7 x64 version 6.1.7601 

I have Avast Free Antivirus version 12.3.2280(build 12.3.3154.23) installed. Exclusions for both products are in each others exclusion listings.







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10 hours ago, clamm said:

I started having this problem after upgrade to 3.0.6. It happens after the computer sleeps, upon startup. Realtime is off and won't start. Just says 'starting'. However, if I completely restart, I can turn it on. 

@clamm, have you tried this version see if it corrects your issues: Beta / Preview of next 3.0.6 update

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I have the latest version as of 4/20/2017....still the exact same problem.

Is it 'really' important that all versions of Malwarebytes are UNINSTALLED first....before installing the latest version?  I haven't...I've gone the route of letting the app update itself automatically.  To completely uninstall and reinstall seems like a tedious "go find that registration code, ID, username, whatever from years ago" process I'm not sure I can complete.

(Pro/paid version being used, btw.)

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@Jeff-Atlanta, normally one can simply just install over the previous version and all goes well.  That being said, that does not always work on some computers.  So going the clean reinstall works best for those computers.

Starting with MB3 and the new mb-clean tool, if you run that tool, it will actually save your license info, and then after a reboot ask you if you want to reinstall the latest version and if you do so, it will automatically register you installed copy... so they have made it easier.  But remember that feature of the tool only works on MB3.  With earlier versions you have to have your codes handy.  You can always get the codes/license info from the My Account Tab before you deactivate and re-intall...

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