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Malwarebytes 3.0/3.0.5 feedback

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Hi all,

I had a MBAM 2.XX lifetime licence, and found out that V3 had been released, so I installed it straight on top of my activated 2.XX license. All went well. I wanted to say I appreciate that V3 was a free upgrade for us.

I am on Windows 10 (64bit), with Avast free anti-virus the only other security software installed, and overall I am happy with Malwarebytes V3, with a few small caveats.

The minor issues are all performance issues, nothing major. Sometimes CCleaner seems to hang when cleaning or doing a registry scan, taking a lot longer than normal to run. Also, I notice that when I first open my browser (Firefox 50) it takes an extra 5-10 seconds to actually load my home page (google.com). I haven't noticed any other issues so far with V3.5 running on Windows 10.

All in all, I really appreciate that Malwarebytes V3 was a free upgrade for even lifetime license holders, and overall it works just fine, with just a few minor performance hits. I am wondering if the extra module(s) (anti-ransomware and anti-exploit) that I previously didn't have installed are behind the reason for the slight performance hits in various places?

Anyway, just treat this as feedback and/or just some observations and experience with Malwarebytes V3.5 on Windows 10, and again a big thank you for the free upgrade.



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Oops. Spoke too soon :(

Microsoft Edge is having problems - opens, but my homepage (or any page) fails to load. I then shutdown Malwarebytes V3.0.5, then edge works fine again. Also noticed that I had to double click Malwarebytes several times before it would open again. Edge did work still, but only after I had closed MB and reopened it. Can provide screenshots and my MB file(s) - logs - if requested. Thanks.

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On 29/12/2016 at 1:08 PM, jsljustin said:

..... Sometimes CCleaner seems to hang when cleaning or doing a registry scan, taking a lot longer than normal to run .....


I think that this is not related to MB 3.0.5 : I noticed this too since Piriform implemented officially Microsoft Edge as a complete section in their software (CCleaner in this case).

I'm really very happy using this latest release of Malwarebytes and didn't have any functional issues. A few things have to be improved as already mentioned here, here, and in this post.

Let's see what the next releases bring up ...   ;) 

- Win 10 1607 (Build 14393.576) Pro x64 -

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