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Question about (free edition) service.

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Hi there.

I was just trying out version 3 but I had a few issues with it running alongside MSE (which I read are known issues) so I reverted back to for now but I noticed something potentially strange.

I checked services.msc and noticed MBAMservice is not there, while I thought it was in my previous 2.2.1 installation. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and noticed after installation (but before first run) MBAMservice does install and appear there as I thought it would - but when launching MBAM for the first time and performing the first update, it disappears again.

The mbamservice.exe file still exists within the malwarebytes folder, MBAM just unregisters it as a service.

I've read that it is not necessary to be running in the free version anyways, but I still assumed it would be there inactive. Is it possible in my old installation I had 'activated' it in a free trial or something? or maybe it shouldn't have been there and the older version was corrupt somehow? Maybe I'm just mistaken and it wasn't there all along.

I guess I just want confirmation that it's ok the service removes itself with the free version. I'm using windows 7 home and MBAM itself appears to work fine.

Thank you!

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Update: tested on a known clean PC with similar setup (Win 7 Pro) and results were the same, as soon as MBAM is opened (as admin) the service disappears.

Bit strange but I guess it's either intended, or I dunno. It doesn't seem to interfere with the workings of the program at least, I was just a bit curious as to if there was something wrong with my home PC. So I guess you can close this. Thanks :)

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