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Malware searching/eyeing... rat?

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asus u47a 

windows 10 

so im malware hunting and trying to use auto runs and process explorer when the auto run registery reads HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\AlternateShell      

when in a video i saw it showed differently.on the professors example. 

also, my light for network connections on my laptop has remained lit even when i disabled the network adapter. 

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I think my network is being hacked, by someone and somehow has gotten in my devices, 
im really trying to lock down my hole network 

Ok first thing I wanna point out  is with my first laptop Asus u47 . After much suspicion of being on a bot network and root kitted i downloaded and started running programs like auto runs and process explorer to kill some processes and after that all hell broke lose my network adapter was not to be found couldn't connect to the internet and went to the point of my mother board being toas   
I then nuked the drive to clear ever thing and anything on the HDD and got around to trying to install Windows to it, thing is I couldn't connect to the internet as well 
OK second thing I did was get another laptop while this one was being inspected :dell inspitron 15 3000
Staryed off this laptop by doing custom settings like telling Microsoft not to listen.. 
First things I did on  Boot was download eset and chrome then started running autoruns and processexpl and also TRYING TO uninstall programs then IT STARTED ACTING FISHY ASWEL . 
Oh I should mention I now had acseesed the administrator user on the pc through cmd 
wth is this when I try to uninstall dropbox 20  GB and it doesn't let me,  not only that, I never installed drop box, or made a 20 gbDropbox 
now at this point I have a new router coming and I'm about to start nukeing every HD I have, I might be paranoyed but maaaaan I feel I'm uncovering something





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