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Anyone recognize these .msi files?


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New to the forums and this is my first post asking for advice.

Today when I started my computer, windows prompted me that one of these files wanted to be run. Naturally I declined since I've never seen them before.
Also no google results for the files

File names are: 100ebed9.msi100ebed6.msi. These files are found in my "C:\Windows\Installer" folder.

Picture attached. 


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They are Microsoft Installer files in the Windows Installer folder.  Possibly connected to a version of MS office.

Perfectly normal.

If you go to that folder you'll see a bunch. 

If you Right-Click on these files and choose Properties --> "Details" you may see what program they are associated with. 

If you Right-Click on these files and choose Properties --> "Digital Signatures" you may see that it is digitally signed by Microsoft ( or Adobe, etc. ) 

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3 minutes ago, David H. Lipman said:

Distx ?

Yes the files seems safe.

The instructions you gave me didn't help me much other than me finding this. (Didn't find no "Details" or "Digital signature" in my language equivalent.)

However I let it run and it was related to a work-shop programme for SAAB that wanted to update. No worries.

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