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MB 3 unable to connect the service

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Can anyone confirm this?

I just confirmed it for you ;) Ransomware protection is now built-in as a module in Malwarebytes 3.0, and based on Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware. This module is automatically enabled by default. I cannot tell you how it compares to the beta.

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8 hours ago, TucsonE said:

Did an upload on Jan 29, and now I get this same issue with the "Unable to start", "Unable to connect to the service".  Not sure where or how to obtain my key/registration to uninstall/reinstall.  Sent an email to 'support', no reply back.  

Hi Tucson :)

The Help Desk deals in a "first come, first serve" order. Also, did you check in your Junk and Spam folder if you received an email from the Help Desk?

cc @celee

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19 hours ago, mikeclarkusa said:

Aura wrote that " Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium bundles Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware as a protection module, ..."

Can anyone confirm this?  If so, does the built-in MARW module need to be activated or switched on somehow?  And how does this module's performance compare to the MARW Beta?

@Aura has already confirmed it.  Yes its part of the new MB3.  As for the beta, the beta was being tested only, as it was going to be put into the main product (now MB3) and I do not believe it will be rolled out as a stand alone product.

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I'm not sure what I had bought.  It was purchased back in September time frame.  On Jan 29th, I thought that I was just doing an update, as I've done in the past, but during the download it said something about a new platform. So, I believe that the answer to your question is that I'm getting this error with 3.0.6.  I don't think that I have Anti-Ransomware installed.  

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Alright, in Aug 2016, I bought a 2yr sub to  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and now, I've got the key!  As I said before, it shows that I've installed version 3.06 on Jan 29th. Now, should I uninstall 3.06 and try to re-install this version, an earlier version, or wait for support?

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Aura, Okay, Sorry, I didn't see your message about sticking with the open ticket till the end.  I uninstalled 3.06 and reinstalled it.  Now, I have a desktop shortcut, dashboard, etc. Noticed that all layers except Ransomware were 'ON'.  Performed an update, then a scan, and quaratine the infected items.  Afterwards, I did received a message that all layers were not turned on.  Opening the protection label in the dashboard, I see that 'Web Protection' is off and that ransomware is still 'unavailable'.  I clicked on the button which caused it to change from 'off' to 'starting'.  So far, I've not received the message 'Could not start', not connected, which I use to get right at start-up.  

I don't know if all is well but, I guess time will tell.

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I think I have finally solved the myriad problems I've been having with MB 3.0.6 Premium and also MARW Beta.  On multiple computers, all running Win 10.

On one computer, I could not reinstall MB 3.0.6.  Finally, I did a clean uninstall using Revo Uninstaller Free with Windows in Safe Mode, using the Administrator account. Then reboot.  While still in Safe Mode, Administrator, I  successfully reinstalled MB 3.0.6.  The installation automatically recognized my Premium setting.  Reboot again and everything worked.

Our other computers never had MARW Beta.  Their problem was that Protection: Real Time: Web Protection was off and refused to turn on.  This was solved, on all computers, by turning on Protection: 'Enable self-protection module early start'. Then turning on Protection: Real Time: Web Protection. Then closing and reopening MB.  (This method is suggested somewhere in the forum, or the MB help files.)

Another side note: I was surprised to see a scan is not automatically set to run routinely in Scan Schedule.  So I turned on the daily Normal scan on all computers too.

Thanks to Aura and everyone else for their help getting MB to work!

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