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Safe to disable Turbo Boost and increase clock speed?


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I just built a new PC with i5-6400 2.7 GHz and can get up to 3.3 GHz with Turbo Boost. Already running for few days but I notice that the clock speed never get past 2.7 GHz no matter how many cores is active, the temp usually lower than 40C and reaches 60C with stress test. Already reset the BIOS and it is still same. Turbo Boost settings is set to Auto in BIOS. The processor is locked but I can set the multiplier to max 33x, default is 27x. I would want to disable turbo boost and set the multiplier to 33x to make use of increased clock speed. Is it safe to do this?

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1. Download and install this processor performance boost mode file to enable "Processor performance boost mode" power option.
2. Navigate to advanced power settings - Control Panel->Power Options->(Balanced) Change Plan Settings->Change advanced power settings
3. Under advanced power settings, this new option is now exposed. Processor power management->Processor performance boost mode.
4. The default on my SP4 was Aggressive for both battery & AC, this would explain the excessive use of turbo boost while doing simple tasks. 
This was a poor default choice by Microsoft. There are a variety of options under this boost mode dropdown, currently I have only tried Disabled, which does indeed disable boost mode and limit CPU power consumption.

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