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Can't add WinRAR.exe to Protected Applications

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@cchilderhose can you please upload your mbamservice.log file from C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs? The ProgramData may be hidden so you'll need to turn on hidden folders to see it or type in the full path to the folder.

Not being able to delete/edit applications from this list is something we are working on as we are able to reproduce. Thanks!

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3 hours ago, cchilderhose said:

I just tried to add KeePass but it does not let me and it is not already in the list.  


Just for info, I'm on Win 10 1607 (latest Build 14393.576) Pro x64 and couldn't add KeePass at first because it was running; I exited the program and no problem anymore (did it this same way for a few other still running programs).

Maybe this helps ...

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20 hours ago, dcollins said:

It looks like WinRAR is already in your list of excluded applications according to the logs, and we prevent duplicates from being added. Can you double check your list of applications and verify that WinRAR is already there?

WinRAR doesn't appear in the UI, but then again neither does Winzip32.exe, Winzip64.exe and 7z.exe all of which appear in the log file along with a few others so I guess Mbam only displays the applications which are most likely used on a daily basis.

Having said that, I'm suprised neither Thunderbird nor Keepass were included in the default settings since both are well-known apps.

Still, I should have checked the log file myself first before posting.




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1 hour ago, cchilderhose said:

I can open both programs no issue there. Just can't toggle on KeePass now that it is in the list that's all.


FWIW, when Keepass is open I can toggle off, but not on without crashing Keepass and getting an MBAM notification. But if Keepass is closed, all toggling is fine. [Win8.1-64]

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For info, now that KeePass is in the list (see my post #12 above), I have no problem to toggle it off or on in Malwarebytes; I simply noticed that setting off is immediate whilst setting on again lasts a few seconds more (probably because KP is running in the background).

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