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MBAM 3.04 causing tcpip.sys BSOD

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Hello all.

Long-time MBAM user since v1.x and advanced PC user (since DOS 3.3 and Windows 3.0) and in currently in InfoSec field. Some part of the new MBAM 3.x is causing TCPIP.sys BSODs (on admittedly 64-bit Windows 10 Insider build 14986) and I've noticed in some testing by re-downloading and re-installing some 100GBs of F2P game installers (some of which open torrent-like swarm background downloaders) I can reliably trigger the TCPIP.sys BSODs if I try to do anything network-related beyond the first installer/downloader, including Web browsing. I managed to replicate these BSODs 4-5 times.

Reloading a whole disk image (made immediately prior to installing and rebooting for MBAM 3.04) and then retrying the same downloads for hours on end of the same installers did not cause any TCPIP.sys BSODs no matter what I try. 

Otherwise, system has been rock solid without crashes or BSODs since it's rebuild earlier this year running Sophos Home (couldn't run MBAM 2.x for a while since Insider builds caused a low-level network-level BSOD from the Web protection on initial install and initial startup--different .sys file though.

Just putting this out there in case it helps anyone else. Going to try 3.05 installer now or go back to HitmanPro Alert temporarily.



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I can confirm this issue.

I have encountered this issue repeatedly when running both Qbittorrent and Tixati (seperately). I was reading some posts on other forums describing the same issue before I arrived at this post in this forum.

I've seen it happen when running 3.04 and now when running 3.05 (lifetime subscription).

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