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MAC| I can't do a scan

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Hello, my name is Clay. I recently was searching the internet for mac cheat engines for a game that I love, when I found one and clicked on it, leading me to a website message saying I'm infected and my credit card info has been sent to everyone, and to call this number to get it off. Is this true, I searched it on my iPad and it says its a phishing website, so I just want to confirm that this isn't true. Anyways, I opened safari holding shift to allow me to have access to my browser again, and than I went straight to www.malwarebytes.com to download. Around a month ago, I downloaded malwarebytes as well, and I had successful scans until one day it wouldn't go past the .adware scan part. Now, since I think I'm infected with malware and adware from the sign I got earlier, I got concerned (I deleted it with app cleaner after, than reinstalled today).

I couldn't run the scan. It wouldn't even allow me to get through the first part. When I open the app and hit scan, it shows up quickly, than disappears and doesn't do the scan. It disappears so fast I can't take a system screenshot. Can I please have help with this issue, I want my mac back.

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Your system snapshot shows that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac is unable to load its signatures, which is extremely unusual. Even if it couldn't connect to the update server, it should be able to copy the older internal signature file into place and use that.

I suspect that you have some problems with your home folder permissions. Follow the directions here to reset your home folder permissions:


After you have done that, try scanning with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac again.

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25 minutes ago, Domina said:

Some important files are overriden by malware you should delete all malwarebytes files and then reinstall if you can't reinstall it then the malware is deep in the registry

That's actually not correct. There's no currently known Mac malware that replaces any Malwarebytes or system files with malicious copies. Also, the Mac does not have a registry like Windows.

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Treed, I have repaired all my permissions and I tried to do a scan, and it still wouldn't allow me too.

Ill be resending you a new system shot.

Sorry if I'm wasting your time.

I also have another question: Is avest for mac a good virus software, I'm using the free program and ran 2 3 hour scans, and i have 58 infections apparently, so I deleted them and reran a new scan after restarting. It says 0 infections. Is avest a good legit software?

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Try restarting in safe mode:


Be sure to read the information in the section titled "How to tell if your Mac is started in safe mode" on that page, and follow those steps to ensure that you're actually in safe mode. If you aren't, try again.

While in safe mode, in the Finder, choose Go to Folder from the Go menu, then paste the following path in the window that opens:

~/Library/Application Support/

Be sure to include the WHOLE path, including the initial tilde (~)! Then click the Go button.

In the folder that opens, do you see a Malwarebytes folder? If so, delete it.

Then, still in safe mode, try opening Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac and starting a scan. Does it work properly then?

Regarding Avast, that's legit software, but I don't recommend it. It has a history of problems with false positives, meaning that it has been known to detect legitimate files as malicious many times in the past. The company also has a history of dabbling with bundling their software with adware.

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