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dissable self protection

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this post will be about the BSOD issue I am having when trying to use Qbittorrent.

3. the error I see on the BSOD screen is system service exception  TCIP.SYS

4. Windows 10X64 14986.rs prerelease.1612027928

5. After downloading a torrent file , then clicking on it to open Qbittorrent causes the BSOD.

6. Yes I can repeat the BSOD many times.

7. 1 file was larger than the maximum file size of 30.0000mb, and was skipped

8. I currently have ransomeware and web protection off.

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@controler There are many posts and many issues to track down so it takes time. The insider versions have some issues the current release versions.don't. Remember MS is constantly changing the insider code and  its hard to keep up. Be assured @Riedhas not forgotten you. and another Holiday weekend approaches.

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PM sent.

apologize to the forum for being impatient. there is an ongoing thread over at wilders also but not about this issue. what they are saying is 3.0 was released from beta way too early.

but that is what they do over there is beat the crap out of software and so I can't blame them. for now I will be uninstalling 3.0 until things get worked out.


thank you

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