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Release 3.05 and MSE

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I just installed the v3..05 patch to v3.04.  Not much change with Windows 7 Pro x64 and Microsoft's Security Essentials.  After installing v3.05 and rebooting, the shut down of Windows took less than 30 seconds.  On subsequent reboots the shut down delay returned ranging from 4 1/2 to 6 minutes.  My temporary work around is to close out Malwarebytes prior to shutting Windows down or rebooting. 

Would be nice if the roll out of v3.05 was delayed.  Not looking forward to upgrading my other 5 computers with this.

My previous posting in the forum regarding v3.04 and the shut down problem can be viewed by clicking here.

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Hi Ried, I re-enabled it.  Not much point of having MSE installed if Real Time Protection is disabled.  The work around of exiting out of Malwarebytes before shutting down or restarting works with MSE Real Time Protection enabled. 

As for my other computers, four are various versions of Windows 10 and one laptop that dual boots Windows 7 Pro x64 and Windows 8.1 Pro x64.  At this point I have no intentions of doing anymore upgrades on them until a stable version is released. I'm trying avoid continual patching.

Thanks for responding

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Just an update on my v3.05 usage with Windows 7 Pro x64 and with MSE Real Time Protection enabled.......

I continue to have the long shut down issue.  Initially the v3.05 update took care of the Web Protection pop up issue, but as time went on it re-appeared.  At first the pops were very random, but they slowly increased and now appear regardless if there was any activity or not on the computer.  Now the pops have progressed to appearing at boot up and it is hit or miss on enabling them.  Sometimes it works, sometimes they enable on their own after 5 minutes or so and others times they do not enable unless the system is rebooted.  I've have also noticed a long lag in other applications fully loading at boot up, example: Intel Rapid Storage Technology manager, in the Sys Tray.  I never had this issue with v2.xx of Malwarebytes.

Since this machine is a dual booter with Windows 10 Home I went ahead and installed v3.05 on it.  So far I haven't encountered any issues with that OS.  I figured this would be a good comparison as to whether the issues with v3.05 are OS or hardware related. 

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I would see the logic in uninstalling MSE, but it worked fine with Malwarebytes v2.xx.  The only change to my system was the Malwarebytes upgrade to version 3.0.  That would leave me to believe MSE isn't the buggy one. Besides other anti-virus programs seem to peacefully coexist with the version 3 upgrade of Malwarebytes. 

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