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Test of 3.05

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I update to v3.05 over 3.04. The annoying protection off popup seems to be fix on my system. I have not seen it in the few hours that I have been running this new version. I am still testing it and I have not rebooted my system yet. I will do that later.

I believe I am ready to run 3.0 on my system. I have started added programs to MBAE. I am wondering what programs I should add. For example, I added PDF X-Change Editor to the list, but I don't use it on the net. Firefox built-in PDF reader loads when I access a PDF on the net. Also, the updater for PDF X-Change seems to be a separate .exe. Do I need to add this program to the list as well? Should I add all my programs' updater to the list even it the main program does not access the internet?

Most of the programs in the list (default) are not installed, but I am planning to leave them in the list. I also noticed that Foxit Phantom is on the list twice. I can add programs, but I cannot edit or delete. I think this is because I am logged into my standard windows user account. I will log into my admin windows account and try it later.

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Update on testing...I rebooted and everything seems to be working fine. No annoying popup about not fully protected. I do have one problem...I am unable to edit or delete MBAE programs. Those button are greyed-out. I tried running Malwarebytes as Administrator. I tried it under my Windows Admin user account. I am able to add programs. I am not sure if it is a bug or I am doing something wrong. I tried clicking on the program and right-clicking. Nothing, I can turn them off and on; and add. Just not edit or delete.

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For me (after a lot of adventures with the first 3.0 version) :

- Powerpoint unable to work (version 2016 family and student...the 2010 one works)

- And this one that I didn't find by myself :

Else, everything looks like working fine. I find the "heuristic analyze" very, very fast....and don't know if it is really effective.

NB : I did not "over installed", but uninstalled before then reboot, then install the new version.

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