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System Tray Icon not sync'ed with MBAM 3.0.5

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I just installed 3.0.5 (premium) after realizing all the troubles I had with my previous AV (couldn't use EDGE at all).

This version seems much more stable than the last one I used (3.0.4) but there's still an issue with some protection not starting <automatically>... in my case Exploit Protection needs to be manually started every time I start MBAM... no need to reboot, just quitting & restarting it creates the same issue.  I CAN start the missing protection, BUT the try icon will NOT reflect this change.  for example if I right click on the icon (which shows a small red exclamation mark/triangle), it shows the exploit protection as NOT active even though it is within MBAM (pictures provided).

This create the issue of not being sure if all my protections are active or not since the icon isn't updated when I activate the missing protections.   Ex: I go to sleep mode then return, the system tray icon still shows the small red exclamation point while MBAM shows <You are protected> with all protections enabled.  See below...



If I only use MBAM for notifications, then I will assume that all is well even though the system tray icon says otherwise.   example2.png

-- Side Note here: When this happens, the context menu is NOT updated either... so that right now "Exploit Protection:Off" is what I see.  If I try to click on it, nothing happens.  See image..


NOTE: this was a brand new install after using the MBAM 2.x uninstaller.

Windows 10 Pro : Version 1607, Build 14393.447

To Recreate Issue (on my setup).

- Just quit MBAM and restart it without reboot.

- I can recreate this at will.

Reports included...




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