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computer shuts down on version 3.0

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I have the paid version of 2.2 and tried upgrading to 3.0 but ever time I do my computer tells me there was some kind of error and needs to shut down and restart. It doesn't freeze as others have reported. So when I uninstall 3.0 and go back to my older version all is ok. I use Windows 10 64 bit.. have tons of RAM.

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I deleted 2.2 to upgrade to 3.0.0. Then 3.0.4 came out. I had a problem upgrading to it. Every computer restart took me back to 3.0.0. I used a 3rd party uninstaller. (Wise Program Uninstaller). After that 3.0.4 worked fine. Tech support Ried helped me with this. I suggest before removing an old version turn off auto-protection mode in Malware bytes. I had even tried to use DOS to remove all of the old files. Auto-protection mode would not allow it to be removed. Auto-protection keeps a ROGUE program from removing or deleting it, from what i know.

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Thanks for your reply Ultra07.. I am also adding some information here:

the MBAM program version I have is shows that my system is not fully protected. That's what I see at start up eve though I do have 'start with Windows'. . Where it says 'real time protection' - it shows 'not protected'. If I click on Fix now nothing happens. I went to settings and have malware protection and malicious website protection both enabled, but at start up they were both disabled for some reason. I have delay protection start-up for 120 seconds enabled.

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