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BAD POOL HEADER blue screen

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Hi, I am getting BAD POOL HEADER blue screens related to Malwarebytes 3.0.   This is a completely fresh install of Windows 10.  Nothing installed besides Malwarebytes.  As soon as installed, random BSOD occur.  

I had originally read that this BSOD could be memory related, so I tried testing the memory and booting with each stick individually.  The BSOD occur either way.  And as soon as I uninstalled Malwarebytes, I have not had any more BSOD.

The blue screen viewer software indicates the tcpip driver involved, and it does seem to be related to web activity, when MBAM is going to web to get informations.

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Hello @1b2b3 and :welcome:

Please attach the following data to your next reply:

1.)  Using the native Windows built-in zip utility, attach the archived contents of "%ProgramData%\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs" in a .zip file.

2.)  Attach the most recent .dmp file, from the "%SystemRoot%\Minidump\" directory, that corresponds to the system's latest BSoD.

3.)  Attach (not compress/copy/paste) the separate FRST.txt and the Addition.txt output diagnostic reports from only Log Set 1.

Soon after the requested data is posted, the Malwarebytes' QA & Developer Teams, and staffers can commence their analysis.

Thank you.

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I just today installed MBAM 3.05 and am now getting bad spool header errors as well.  I'd like to know if anything has been found in 1b2b3's case or if the staff is still working on debugging this problem.  I've in the past worked with Malwarebytes through a remote diagnostic on my PC and would again if it would help get this resolved in the program.  I do like that the programs have now been combined into one.

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Yes I've seen where some have solved the problem with disabling the web protection but I'm looking for the permanent solution.  Until then I've gone back to 2.2 as my system became so unstable as to have the bad spool header every few minutes and pages on the net were taking very long to load.  Now I'm trying to find the Anti exploit download to get the system back where it was this morning where protection is concerned.

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The last driver released for the card used in this system was in 2012.  I have everything working fine again with 2.2 and Anti exploit reinstalled and think I'll check in constantly here to see if they get the problems resolved with 3.0 as it is too buggy right now on my system.  Thanks for your suggestions though.

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I have two computers. One is a Dell All-in-One desktop and the other is a Dell laptop. Both are Inspiron Model running Win 10 and are near new. The desktop runs Malwarebytes alongside either McAfee or Windows Defender very nicely with no difficulty.

The laptop is a different story. A new version of MWB Premium will, after it is run, invariably give the BSOD with a note that the computer must be restarted. The restart is very difficult after one of these episodes and usually takes about 5-6 minutes but after that, all is well.

Not being an expert, I opted immediately to remove MWB and just run the laptop with Windows Defender until such time as this issue can be cured.

I know that the logs showing errors are needed for the people here to make an analysis but sadly, I didn't save any of the logs. t simply removed the program. Since the computer runs without the program very nicely, I consider my problem solved.

I will continue to monitor this and other sites where the problem is discussed and see if anyone ever comes up with a fix.

I like Malwarebytes, I really do, in fact, I just paid for another year of it for my Desktop, but I'll just have to wait until someone comes up with a patch.

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