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Major issue BSOD


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As of Thursday night 15th December our installs of anti ransomware caused severe problems across the whole computer network, 75% of computers BSOD.


Unable to load Windows in normal/safemode or from bootable Windows OEM CD to perform repairs. All PC's Dell Win 7 Pro.

BSOD / FLTMGR.SYS = EXCEPTION ERROR every which way we tried to load in.

How to get back into Windows:

Unplug the ethernet cable, reboot PC, PC logs in as normal

Technical info / what MB Anti Ransomware seemed to do:

After analysing the log files for the crashes, we could see Malwarebytes was deleting Windows Chipset SM Bus drivers or corrupting them & Network card drivers on the system. Windows therefore crashes as soon as the network card is in use. Keeping the ethernet cable out is the only way to get back into Windows.

We checked device manager on the majority of the PCs, SMBUS / NIC card drivers were missing/corrupted and had the standard yellow exclamation mark next to them.


1) System restored PC to earlier date.

2) Removed Anti Ransomware prior to it's update.

3) Reinstalled Chipset drivers from manufacturer


We have since removed the software network wide. I hope when this package becomes more stable to roll it out again.

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We stumbled upon the exact same issue on 2 Terminal Servers on Friday and today.
I didn't get as far netzenrob with finding out what happened exactly.

The NTFS File Structure was corrupted on at least 1 of the servers so I had to run a checkdisk to get it back up and running again.

After the checkdisk I noticed that logging in using a local account, or domain account with the network card disabled (VMWare) was the only way to log on initially, then I removed Anti-Ransomware and allowed the users to log back on again.

I can send you the event log file in a PM if you need it due to client information being in there.


Dump File.png

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