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Windows 10 bash?

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Has anyone been using Windows 10 (updated current stable version) bash and its Ubuntu utilities?

During MBARW beta, bash was a false positive, as was cygwin-setup-x86_64.exe.  I uninstalled Windows 10 bash as the threats from RW did not justify turning off  MBARW.  I use cygwin a lot, so I still turn off the ARW component of MBAM-3 while updating.

I'd like to know if I would have problems with MBAM-3, converting my cygwin tools/files over to Windows 10 bash/Ubuntu.

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Hi.   To start, set up a directory /dir with 1000 files (just set up a copy script in a loop).  Then do a  'rm - rf dir/' to see it passes ARW. 

Next try 'ls -laR / >& /dev/null &'.

If ARW doesn't kick in, I'll reinstall bash and do further tests.




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It will probably be awhile before I might actually remove cygwin in favor of win10 bash.  It seems that, currently, bash does not really integrate very well with windows per se, and that it more like  VM.

Therefore, it seems to me that ARW might be more restrictive of cygwin than bash.  While my use of bash prompted ARW alerts in MBARW beta (as I posted to that forum), cygwin got in trouble with MBARW beta (also posted) using cygwin-setup-x86_64.exe (it seems with autorebase which gets into info of many executables) as well as `rm.exe` over a large number of files (which can of course look like an attack).  Putting such executables into Exclusion did not seem to always help (as I posted).


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