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Wise Registry Cleaner


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Hey there. For the last couple of days my laptop has been giving me problems, especially when it comes to going online. It says it's connected to the internet but then can't get online or load anything. I tried both with my wi-fi and LAN connection, and it's just my pc, since my sister's and dad's work just fine. I figured it must be a malware blocking my internet access.

I'm running Windows 10 pro 64 bit, and I use Avast antivirus. I couldn't do a full scan with Avast earlier, but I did run the malwarebytes scan hoping to find something, but since this is like my second time using it I'd like some help to read it. I'm not sure, all of these seem false positives to me, since I do know Wise Registry Cleaner tend to show up in scans. Btw I'm not an English native speaker, so bear with me!


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I use Wise regustry Cleaner for maybe over 10 years, to remove junk from my registry.

Find some keys that CCleaner do not find. Use only both of them, no other registry cleaner.

Not a dangerous software, never have any problem with this software this is clearly a false positive to me

And if it offers something else during installation process, it will never be something that is not related to ther own company.

Have stoped the malwarebytes scan when i have see these detections, knowing my computer was and is 100% clean.

Don't want to lose my time unchecking all cases reported without any reason, just wanted to try the new Malwarebytes.

Ironically, when registering to Malwarebytes forum to comment about this false positive, i found emails form Malwarebytes forum in my junk box.

Everything goes well in the digital world...

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If you run a scan & ALL that comes up is Wise Registry Cleaner stuff, Just select all the objects & tell MBAM to "ignore always". You don't have to check one box at a time, check the box at the very top of the entire list.

See the link I posted to the OP as to why we detect these things.

As for emails from our forum, check your forum subscription settings. Most likely when you post a topic, it is checked to automatically email you so you can get back to your topic easier. We do this so when people are posting for help, they are notified when someone replies.

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