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MBAM v3x: A few questions I'm unclear on...

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Good evening everyone,

     I've spent considerable time searching through the forums here trying to find sufficient info to help me better understand the new MBAM v3. but not having much luck...or perhaps I'm just not looking in the right place(s).  (I have a lifetime license, & am using MBAM v  The questions I have are:

1.  Will this new MBAM v3 automatically install itself, at some point, or do I need to manually install it?  (If manually, could someone please explain how, or direct me to a download link to install v3 over top of my present version)?  [In my current "Update settings", I have the box ticked to "Check for Program Updates when checking for database updates"]. 

2.  The info I've read, indicates if I upgrade to v3, my current lifetime license [for 1 - PC] I've had since 2011, will automatically transfer to it - and there are no charges involved.  Am I understanding this correctly?

3.  From what I've seen posted, there seem to be quite a few significant issues with v3 which either have yet to be resolved (or a 'fix' is currently being worked on).  Would it thus be advisable to wait - until such time as the problems have been corrected, before  attempting upgrade to v3?

Thank you for your time, help, & Happy Holiday wishes to all! :)  


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Good afternoon @Eagleeye. I'll break my responses up to match your questions:

1. We have some pending updates planned for Malwarebytes 3 before we start automatically upgrading 2.x to the latest version. However you can always download the latest version of Malwarebytes 3 from here

2. Your license should carry over without issue if you install Malwarebytes 3 directly over Malwarebytes Anti-malware 2.x. If you uninstall 2.x first, you will most likely need to manually enter your key into Malwarebytes 3, and it will work with the new program.

3. While there are some reported issues with Malwarebytes 3, the program is working quite well for a large portion of users.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. You can also check out the full release announcement for Malwarebytes 3 which has answers to some commonly asked questions.

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Hi dcollins, and thanks very much for your follow-up reply to my inquiry!

For the moment, I'm inclined to hold-off on installing v3 manually, and just continue monitoring things here for a while longer.



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