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Ransomware protection causes high cpu usage on video streaming

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You will probably not notice it if you do normal browsing, but things starts to appear when I did some "torture" test on the browser. Especially with Shockwave Flash.

As stated, everything seems dandy when I do normal reddit/facebook browsing. Things starts to take a hit when I watch streams.

Streaming sites that I have tested includes twitch.tv, showroom-live.com, twitcasting, niconicodouga.

If you have a decent set up, you will probably not feel anything until you bring up the task manager and realize how much CPU it's taking. Things start to lag when I have more than 5 windows streaming at the same time.

1 windows uses about 7% CPU on my i5 2500k OC @ 4.4ghz with 16GB ram running with a SSD.

Next obvious part of the test is to turn MBAM off. Things improved immediately.

CPU usage went from 7% per windows to 1% per stream.

I'm not sure what is causing this, but I'm suspecting it's either anti exploit or anti ransomware that is doing some real time scanning on every bit of data coming in that is causing this.

So I went ahead and test it by turning exploit and ransomware protection off.

And my conclusion is that the antiransomware protection of MBAM 3 is slowing down internet browsing, or at the very least, video streaming.

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