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High CPU usage

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Hi team Malwarebytes

I have only
two question, worried about high CPU usage when scanning on-demand. Maybe my laptop is so weak? Or poor optimization MBAM 3.0? .

Version 2.0 has progressed processor with kid gloves



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Thank you so much for bringing this up and sharing that screenshot. HIgh CPU Usage is a known issue but please allow me to elaborate:

In order for MB3 to provide scans up to 4 times faster than it's predecessor MBAM 2.2.1, we programed the process threads to use the available resources with a low priority.

If nothing is using it, it makes no sense for the CPU to just be sitting there, instead its power will be used to help you finish your scan as soon as possible, but if the scan is running in the background or if there is anything else in the computer that requires CPU, MB3 releases those resources and runs only with whatever much is available.

The performance of your computer is for us paramount and we are working very hard to ensure it will never be compromised, it is however a tricky, delicate balance to maintain, there are subsequent soon to be released updates and upgrades that will embody our efforts to keep this promise.


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Certainly the scan is much faster.

But even with powerful Cpu, the various commands are altered. On the desk for example. In which case I have time to go drinking a beer ... ;-)
The PC (laptop) that blows is generating. And also the high temperature

Could you please give us a checkbox. 50% style of resources like on the previous version. With a threshold of 85%, for example.

thank you very much



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Hello the Team,

Thank you very much for the personal modifications.

Impact of analyzes
Quickly add Exceptions (closed topic)

My best greetings




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