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[Release] AdwCleaner 6.041


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AdwCleaner 6.041 has been released!


//////// v6.041 - 16/12/16 ////////

[UPD] - Microsoft Edge handling
[UPD] - GUI fixes
[UPD] - Use AdwCleaner folder as much as possible
[UPD] - Improve Italian translation
[UPD] - Improve Dutch translation
[UPD] - Modules time in telemetry
[UPD] - Database 2016-12-15.1

[BUG] - Reduce Conduit module scanning time

Once again, it's an important version in terms of new detections, with also better detections of Microsoft Edge elements. Several translations have been improved, so we're close to get a very nice coverage in most languages! An issue with Conduit module has been fixed, and it should be "visible" to people using several Firefox user profiles with a reduced scan time.

Another "major" change has been introduced in order to avoid the "sqllite3.dll is corrupted [..]" and other quarantine troubles. It also improves the situation with the logo not shown in rare cases (while not fixing the entire issue yet).

Finally, another major addition is the study of the scanning modules performance.  This will be very useful to know if they are some major differences between OS, or what module is the slowest and where we should focus to reduce the scan time. It will also be used as a reference time for the next major AdwCleaner release, which should behave at most as it is now, but hopefully way faster.

You can get AdwCleaner from the download page: https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/

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