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Are conflicting Web Protection visual indicators in dashboard/system tray a genuine concern?

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-Software Information-
Components Version: 1.0.39
Update Package Version: 1.0.746
License: Premium

A few days ago I installed Mbam3 on my 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium v6.1 (Build 7601: SP1)
computer with 8GB memory and over 60% free disk space which does not currently have Java or Flash
installed on it. Hostman has not ever been installed.

Most current MSE running and updated.

Many months ago I had installed Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit free version but subsequently uninstalled
it. Coincidentally while scanning for hardware changes in Device Manager's Non-Plug and Play Drivers I
noticed the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit had an exclamation point inside a yellow triangle, which I then
selected to uninstall with a right click. A reboot brought about the first indication that Mbam3 was
experiencing some issues: Seeing a red triangle with a white exclamation mark in it in the Mbam system
tray icon.

Real-Time Web protection status is off
Attempts to restore defaults for Web Protection unsuccessful, remaining at "Starting..."

Having read in threads here that either quitting Mbam3 and restarting it or computer reboot could
possibly restore Real-Time Protection I tried this; Web Protection changed to "On" but Exploit
Protection appears to be stuck on "Starting..." after a few minutes. A reboot did not remedy the issue.

Using Nirsoft's FullEventLogView there is Event ID 7000 critical error message: 
The Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit service failed to start due to the following error (perhaps related,
perhaps not): 
The system cannot find the path specified.

In Computer Management/Performance/Reports/System Diagnostics:
Symptom: Device is not present, not working properly, or does not have all of its drivers installed. 
Cause: A device has a configuration problem that prevents it from working properly. 
Details: The device, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, is reporting "tv_ConfigMgrErr24". This device will not
be available until the issue is resolved. The Plug and Play ID for this device is ROOT

0930hrs, 15Dec2016:
Red triangle with white exclamation point still visible on Mbam system tray icon but Mbam 3.0.4
dashboard lists Web, Exploit, Malware and Ransomware protection as all On.

From the posts here it's apparent that others are experiencing similar issues with protection modes and their status, with no doubt other still issues as to their cause. Presumably the wheels and gears are grinding to remedy it.

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Mbam 3 got installed right on top of '2. The same one's there now. Once installed and having been made aware of the newest mbam files needed for addition as exclusions to MSE (thanks again, Reid), the only alterations to the program were through daily updates.

I had previously uninstalled mbam anti-exploit within the last month, using Geek uninstaller, which usually does a good job of cleaning up behind it. If it was labeled "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit", then I've removed whenever spotted other residue in Ccleaner and WinPatrol as well as Windows Explorer.  

A search for "exploit" revealed seven files, five on the same day, in C:\PerfLogs\System\Diagnostics which included "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" specifically, created less than three weeks ago, a date that could very well have been when I uninstalled it. I have left alone those seven xml files. What would you suggest as the best course to take with them?

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