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MB 3.0 Licensing Issues, Questions

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Since we are on the subject of Beta 8 and MB 3.  

I downloaded beta 8 because I have it installed on 3 of my other computers and it is fantastic, I also have a license for Anti-exploit which is still good on 3 computers until Feb 2017,  AND last... well maybe... but not least I have 3 Computers with Malwarebytes LIFETIME licenses. 

SO.....  I installed MB 3 on this new computer I am building so far ...twerky... but prayer seems to help ...   anyway installed MB3  it wanted a license or said it would quit in 5 days...so I put in my Anti-exploit license since I hardly ever go on my old pentium D anymore,only to update Windows 7 etc so I could use it in an emergency kinda thing.   


Anyway.. I get this window coming up over and over which says MB something is out of date.  I have pressed the update button, everywhere I could find one to no avail, so I figure it is wanting to hit me up for more money.    

So what happens with all my lifetime licenses and are they going to work with MB 3.  or are they just going to quit working or being updated?

I also saw an ad sent to me about renewing anti-exploit and thought I saw a banner which said it would automatically enroll me in the 

next generation of MB which I believe is 3.)  so what do you think I can do about the lack of updating on the MB 3 program?




Malwarebytes 3.0 issue updating using exploit lic ending  2-5-2017.JPG

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Found out that the date of my computer was changing and thus must have affected MB 3. however in between when I set the date properly and MB3 says everything was ok,  later on my computer date was out of wack either up or back last time nearly a year back before it was coming up Dec 16, 23, 30.  Anyway what ever the problem is MB didn't seem to know it was going on.



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