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Over 2300 Hijack.Trojan.Siredef.C found with 3.0

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Hello again,

I tried this again (on Windows 7x64) with CryptoPrevent settings as you suggested. I only had the registry key detected + one other unrelated file in my recycle bin.

I explained to the others looking into this issue so someone may try the same procedure on Windows 10. From our discussion it seems there is *something* preventing MBAM from reading the shell32.dll file properly on your machine. I wonder what has it "locked" (for lack of better terms). The funny part is, lots of things are using shell32.dll so it will always be in use. Everyone running Windows has a shell32.dll & also has that CLSID under HKLM. The issue you were facing with that CLSID under your user hive is quite rare.

I may be back later to ask for more info if the devs ask me to.

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Could very well be Windows 10 being the difference.

I installed CP first as well. I kinda figured you had this installed already before installing MBAM3.

I'll get back to you if we need any additional info. When you ran that FRST program, it did crete a folder in C:\ called FRST. (where registry backups, logs, etc are kept) Please leave this folder in place for now - we might need some additional stuff from that.


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