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3.0 blocked access to legitimate sites - uninstall does not

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64-Bit W10 Pro Build 14393.rs1, IE11.

1. After installing 3.0, I could no longer access certain pages of the popular and legitimate website of Harry & David. I kept getting blocked with the report I was being protected from an exploit. For example, I wanted to view my past orders and could not. When trying to update my billing information, I could not. I got a similar block when attempting to access my Wells Fargo bank account.

Disabling Exploit Protection failed to stop the blocks even though the protection said it was off. Rebooting only resulting in Exploit Protection suddenly being enabled again. :( Only way to proceed was to exit MB3.0.

Why are we not given the option to proceed to the page when MB3 thinks it finds an exploit?

Due to all the frustrations over the various bugs reported elsewhere (recurring protection turned off errors, for example), disabled/unfinished features (buttons not working, inability to remove or edit "Protected Programs", Scan for Rootkits setting cannot be reset to default), and now recurring false positives on the exploits, I decided to downgrade back to something that works.

That was no easy task either.

2. Uninstalling MB3.0 through Control Panel > Programs and Features applet resulted in only a partial uninstall :( with the very vague instructions the rest would have to be done manually.  Not only was the main Malwarebytes folder left behind with a couple dozen files inside, but when attempting to manually delete the files or folder, the action fails with the error files are still in use! A reboot failed to clear those hooks! :angry: I discovered the MBAM service was left behind too, though at least it was stopped.

Fortunately, using the Malwarebytes uninstall tool did remove the final remnants of 3.0. and I was able to install from anew, version Now everything works as expected.

I have to say, it appears V3.0 was hastily pushed out the door unfinished, and clearly insufficiently beta tested for bugs to get ahead of the holiday break. I would urge Malwarebytes take the 3.0 download links down now. It is better to have fewer new trials and sales of the old version and maintain their stellar reputation than to tarnish that reputation with this new, clearly unfinished and buggy product. Then after the holidays and all the developers have come back and hopefully recharged and refreshed, they can attack the problems and "finish" this release properly.

Any attempt to fix it now before the holidays is going to be another rush job as the developers are thinking about buying presents and spending time with their families.

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