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Something strange about today's new version

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Hi, today I went to update MBAM and it downloaded the new version. At first it went as usual, installing the new files. Spybot asked whether I wanted to allow the new startup entry from MBAM, which I declined since I use the free version, as I always do when updating. After that, past versions have just told me that they were successfully installed, but the new version asked me to restart my computer. Spybot also asked about an InnoSetupRegFile startup entry, which I allowed before rebooting since it was from MBAM. There's no apparent problem here, and the setup entry was deleted after the reboot, as expected.

But then, I decided to update an MBAM installation on a virtual machine as well, and something is different about it. After I decline the MBAM startup entry addition, MBAM doesn't seem to do anything else. It doesn't ask me to reboot nor give me a message stating that the update finished successfully, MBAM doesn't reopen, and Spybot doesn't ask about an InnoSetupRegFile startup entry. There's no obvious MBAM-related process listed in task manager, either. So I deleted the changes to my virtual machine, tried again, same result. Then I deleted the changes once again, tried one more time, and this time allowed the MBAM startup entry. But MBAM still doesn't do anything else... The program does seem to work correctly afterward, though.

Is this supposed to happen?

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What I find even stranger is that on the homepage of the forum it says, "Malwarebytes Forum latest news: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version 1.38 released," yet when I go to check on the malwarebytes.org site I see version 1.39?????

I downloaded version 1.39 is something up with that????

Its been brought to the admins attn, thx. for your report.


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