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reinstall MBAM ver 3 over the top will removed Rootkit option - bug ?

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this is only reports/info on my problem . so when I get an issue with malwarebytes version 3 . I then simply is no longer I had to uninstalled MBAM and reinstalled  and I only make an reinstalled over the top . and when I done this .... the Rootkits option gets removed after install MBAM over the  previous installation. so can someone to confirm this ?

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5 hours ago, Ried said:

That is correct because rootkit scanning is not enabled by default and when you uninstall this Malwarebytes 3.0.4, the previous settings are not retained.

thanks to you for let me this . :)


5 hours ago, celee said:

Hi @Gt-truth, thanks for posting. Please follow the steps outlined below so we can get additional details of what you are experiencing:


HI @celee

1- I really hope that my description of the issue is good . if not . let me know

2- I did not took a screenshot for it

3- there was no system crashed

4- my Operating System is windows 7 ultimate SP 1

5- now I don’t thinks its was a bug since @Ried have to confirmed this .anyway you can try to "just install the version 3 over the top and that is" here

6- yes

7- here you go the log file




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