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version 3 heuristic scan stuck at there and no go

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well I perform so many scan and some time "the scan process won’t done and it got stuck at heuristic scan" and I had to trying to paused the scan and nothing is happen since the scan is still going ?

also this is the first time I get such issue only with the new version of malwarebytes anti-malware (version 3) and with the old version 2 of this program I have no such issue and not sure what the caused ?

so when I got "heuristic scan stuck" I have no choice others then I had to exit out/close out of malwarebytes anti-malware by going to system tray area and then do this to end-up  the problem with the MBAM ver 3

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11 hours ago, Ried said:

Thanks :)

I can see where it got stuck. Did you make any changes to this machine in the last week such as installing or removing other software?  Can you send me new FRST logs?

yeah I think I have made some changes :P.... you’re welcome . :rolleyes: and I just done a lot of things and I have just send you my logs file .

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2 hours ago, Ried said:

Thanks for waiting.  Uninstall 360SuperKiller, reboot and if it's still getting stuck at heuristic scanning, boot into safe Mode, run the scan and let me know if it still hangs.

no problem . where you see 360SuperKiller ? I just search for it and I can not find it on the system so can you tell me how to remove it ?

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  • Staff

I don't know which one it would be, it could be any of these. (this is from the Addition.txt, the list of Installed Programs which is taken directly from the Control Panel>Programs and features):

³¬°Ô´«Ææ (HKU\S-1-5-21-2555542477-2720736690-3888076148-1000\...\³¬°Ô´«Ææ) (Version:  - )
À¶Ô´«Ææ (HKLM\...\À¶Ô´«Ææ) (Version: - À¶Ô´«Ææ)
À¶Ô‚÷Ææ (HKU\S-1-5-21-2555542477-2720736690-3888076148-1000\...\À¶Ô‚÷Ææ) (Version:  - )
à½à½´«Ææ 1.0 (HKLM\...\à½à½´«Ææ) (Version: 1.0 - ËÕÖݶ«ÓÎÍøÂç¿Æ¼¼ÓÐÏÞ¹«Ë¾)


 Where did you download it from? It came onto the machine on December 13

2016-12-13 04:56 - 2016-12-13 04:56 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\b\AppData\LocalLow\360WD
2016-12-13 04:54 - 2016-12-13 04:56 - 00001965 _____ C:\Users\b\Desktop\360安全浏览器.lnk
2016-12-13 04:54 - 2016-12-13 04:54 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\b\AppData\Roaming\360SuperKiller

Try running AdwCleaner, maybe it will detect it for you. You can download it from here https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/

Click the Scan button, but don't remove anything yet. Send me the log first.


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10 minutes ago, Ried said:

Thanks, nothing in that AdwCleaner log that relates to what I'm looking at.

no problem at all . :)

10 minutes ago, Ried said:


I am preparing a fix for you, but in the meantime I have to ask you  -- are you experiencing any browser Hijacking?  Specifically to 2345.com?

thanks for provide your fix . however I have made my own fix to remove some stuffs and right now the system seems much better . and about 2345.com Hijacker I don’t know anything about it . so that’s why I made my fix to removed a lot of things . 

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23 minutes ago, Ried said:

Okay, you scare me when you say you made your own fix.  Were the logs you sent me via PM, created before or after you did your fix?

lol :P I will send you the fixlog .and I have send you 3 logs file . did you got it ?

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