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"Install application updates" problem

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In the Free version of MB 3.0 there was a button in the about section (I forgot which exact section it was under unfortunately, I think it was 'about') called "Install Application Updates".  I clicked on that to see if there was anything I needed to update...it was going on that for over a half hour.  On the main GUI section it said "checking" under updates...but it kept scanning and scanning.  I saw some people suggest rebooting as a possible fix so I restarted my computer...updates on the main GUI page were "current" so I thought the problem was solved (I clicked on the little update icon and it quickly checked and said current on the main GUI page).  However then I decided to try the "Install application updates" button again and the problem repeated...it checked with no end in sight.


I got tired of this so a couple days ago I uninstalled 3.0 and went back to the most recent version of MBAM  That works fine and I haven't had any problems with that.


Honestly, I would like to keep up with the new version of MB, but not if I have to reboot my computer every time I check for updates on MB.  Is there going to be a fix incoming for this "Install application updates" search problem in the near future?

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Hello CT31:

At this point, or until other arrangements are made, you will have to download mbam-setup- from a trusted secondary source of your choice.

Filehippo and Bleeping Computer are trusted by many and may still have the older version but the download's integrity should still be vetted against Virus Total and checked for a valid & verified digital signature.


EDIT: Thumbs up mrtee!

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