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My Samsung S5 is running malwarebytes and detects android/trojan.spy.smsphief.de

Malwarebytes can't erase it but gave this path : system/app/com.tap.filemanager/com.tap.filemanager.apk

It said I should uninstall this filemanager : so I did, and now... nothing changed,


I still have an


detected in path 


And Malwarebytes keeps telling me to uninstall the app "filemanager"... But I can't do anything more since it has already been done.


Any hints about what I should do ?





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Hi plataxis and Rk_4894,

I suspect those apps have malicious libraries embedded in them to load dynamically. This has become a big issue where devices come preinstalled with malicious apps and the apps cannot be removed using Android's uninstaller.

These apps on your device should not be trusted, there are a few things you can do.

- Disable the app – Can be done via Android Settings -> Apps -> bad app -> Force stop/disable

        This will prevent the app and any associated services from running.

- Root your device and uninstall the malicious apps. Usually reserved for advanced users, please do at your own risk.

- Install different, trusted, ROM to replace infected one. Usually reserved for advanced users, please do at your won risk.

- Return device where purchased.

I wish there were more options but where Android's openness and built in security collide; openness, anyone can flash a device with a custom ROM, security, you can't uninatll system apps.



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