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I recently upgraded to the latest V3 of MBAM. Big mistake on my part. I did a clean install on one computer and haven't had any major issues, but on this old Win7 x64 rig I have nothing but issues. Firstly, I installed over the old V2, except I evidently didn't. The new V3 installer points to a folder where the V2 was not installed, even though it was left at default during original installation. So I had to versions installed that conflicted with each other. To fix this I removed both V2 and V3 and ran the Clean tool for V2. Reinstalled V3 after reboot and all seemed fine except for being unable to activate Malware protection. Not a big issues since I disabled the unwanted free trial of premium anyway.

Everything seemed fine at this point. Then I tried to do a threat scan. Updates definitions, scans for 5 seconds, and done. No Threats Found! Except according to the log this scan was canceled before anything was actually scanned.

So after doing multiple clean installs including removal with Revo, this problem remains consistent. I simply can't run a threat scan, making the program useless. I really wish I still had my V2 offline installer. It worked fine with no issues at all.

Any idea how to get this thing actually scanning?

Other security includes Avast Home AV and Comodo Firewall, both disabled completely for testing with no effect.

I've attached the only log file MBAM has created so far. There is no Malwarebytes folder in the AppData folder for actual scan logs.


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