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Great TEDx Talk by Mr. Marcin Kleczynski - CEO

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This is relevant to Malwarebytes 3.0 because people need to know who Marcin Kleczynski is. He really cares about every user and business that runs Malwarebytes. He had this great TED talk on TEDx called: There’s no Rulebook to Being an Entrepreneur


I know that I am kind of impatient for program updates for Malwarebytes. I am kind of impatient and sound kind of harsh. But I am trying to point out errors. I love this guy though. He is really motivational to me as a 18 year old. He just tells things how it is.

The cool thing is that he admitted to getting free software in the video... He is a cool guy. Not just a business man. He really cares about all these things and all of his users. He told a story in the video that he broke a million computers in 8 minutes. He told that his team helped him backup to face the problem at hand. That's just a truly remarkable rebound I have never heard about in my entire life. It just tells you that you're allowed to make mistakes, and it show how important a good temperament is.

My name is Sebastian Shaw. I truly love Malwarebytes 3.0. It's kind of like a little baby that is still growing. It's very awesome. As a community we all have a spirtual connection with each other. Together we will improve this product with our CEO Marcin Kleczynski.

Thank you. I believe we will soothe out all these problems soon. We just need patience as a community and positivity and this will all create a better product in the future. Life is energy so let us have great energy.

I will continue to be on these forums to see what's going on with your great team.

Sebastian Shaw (Milwaukee, WI)

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