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Thinking about possible infection

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Hello there malwarebytes team, I come here with some unusual pc behaviors (WIndows XP SP3):

  • +5 "Program has stopped working" alerts on start up (chrome.exe and rundll32.exe) when they are not even running, if I don't kill them through the taskmanager, they will remain on the background.. there.. on the process list.
  • Unusual fps drops when playing any game, x4 ping.exe processes being ran, +10 rundll32.exe processes, really weird
  • x.vbs file at unusual locations such as "C:\" and on some folder at a deep location on "documents and settings" folders with this text on it:

on error resume next:CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run "C:\WINDOWS.0\system32\rundll32.exe",1: 

  • Slow PC
  • Malwarebytes will detect this "x.vbs" as malware but it's still there after clean up
  • Several winlogon.exe and lsass.exe processes being killed by chameleon prior to launching mbam, but not killing any chrome.exe or rundll32.exe

I could continue this small list with some apparent pc problems, but decided to get some help from experts at malwarebytes forums before my pc gets bricked by virus.. :)
I also noticed malwarebytes 3.0 was released, please let me know if I have to use it for this, thanks!

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