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When you update MBAM 3.0 from within the program itself are the updates incremental or full updates. I mean when you update do you have to download the full file all over again or just what has changed since the last update?

Also where are the program updates and definition files updates stored on the computer? Are these files very large? What are names of these files?

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I think the update process will be the same as before. Which means, when a newer version is pushed, you'll have to go through a "Next, Next, Next" installation procedure, but this should update the program and keep your settings, logs, history, etc. 

Also, the definition files aren't that big. Every few months they compact the database to make the file smaller. I don't have Malwarebytes installed on my work laptop so I can't tell you exactly where they are right now, though I can check later on when I get home (if someone didn't get back at you before).

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Hello, novelist11--

There are two different types of updates / upgrades within Malwarebytes 3.0.

The first are protection-related updates and we do ship those as incrementals wherever possible so as to keep the updates as small as possible.  They're the files found in C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService with the extension "mbdb."

Then we also have application-related updates and upgrades.  Updates are smaller and typically replace current component already in use, so they don't take up extra space.  If we ever have a full installer upgrade, such as we just release yesterday with v. 3.0.5, then we need to push out a full new version of the program.  This would be a setup file equivalent to downloading the installer fresh from our website--so would be named something like mb3-setup-consumer.  When you install the upgrade the older version is removed, so the size is usually a wash.

Hope this helps!

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