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Real time protection turned off

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Hello @Xauma95

The protection is actually on but what happens is the pop-up pops up to fast - it is something that the developers know about and they are working on it.

What I would like you to do for now is to delay the protection on start-up by 15 seconds

 open Malwarebytes
 click on settings
 go to the protection tab
 scroll down till you see "Startup Options"
 Set the "Delay Real-Time Protection When Malwarebytes Starts" to the "ON" Position
 Next to "Delay Protection For" set it to 15 seconds


Restart the computer and let me know if you still get the popup


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27 minutes ago, kbsilver said:

My PC uses an SSD drive and I'll guess the very fast booting has something to do with this.

I can see how fast booting might cause the error at boot. But after that and especially after we click "Turn on", we should not keep getting the error - until the next boot. So it is more than just a timing at boot issue.

FTR, I have Samsung SSDs and don't use Samsung Magician.

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I reverted back to, i found that popup overly annoying , i could be on a game, or chrome casting and bam, get that big meatball on the screen and no way to disable application pop ups. 

So, i have to ask without trying to be disrespectful or anything but why would you release a program with such an annoying bug? I write small programs and could not even think to release something that would be disrupting like that. I have seen it in other places other than the lower right corner fyi

Also there is no way apparently to disable popup from this program like in the above mentioned At least i could not find anyway unless its buried ?


Best Regards

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G'day :)

I'm having the same issue and I've already tried Delay Real-Time Protection When Malwarebytes Starts for 15 seconds and I'm sorry to say it doesn't help when most people have SSD on there laptop, I have two SSD on my laptop also where can I find a Malwarebytes backup configuration settings for those who want to backup their settings.

Cheers ;)

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I've been getting these errors since installing several days ago.  Not so much on startup but almost hourly throughout the entire day.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled, tried the other fixes on this forum. No Luck.  Otherwise a great update, but the warning messages are getting to be rather annoying.

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