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3.0 hosed my PC

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I saw the announcement. I uninstalled MBAM and rebooted. I installed 3.0. I tried to activate it using my lifetime ID/key, but after I entered the data, the button for Activate never became active. I tried to update, but nothing happened. I rebooted, but nothing changed. I tried to uninstall it, but it refused. I tried to delete the Malwarebytes folder, but I was told I did not have sufficient authority (I was logged in as admin). Every time I reboot and login, I see the message "Unable to connect the Service." I tried to use a restore point to go back in time a few days, but 3.0 has some files open which Windows cannot handle. 3.0 is like a horny, drunk armadillo. Now I will need to reinstall Windows.


P.S. Do us all a favor and don't auto-update existing MBAM installations with 3.0 because it is the worst release you guys ever created.

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I had the same Activate button not allow selection on 3.0.5....Must be a bug...The fields go green after entering the info, so......Found this after sending in an email to support....It is however, on its free 2week trial...

One would expect a fix in the making.


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