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100% failure rate installing 3.04.1269

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37 minutes ago, AlexSmith said:

Try this: Add something to the Exclusions list in MBAM then try upgrading again.

That worked. Thanks. Will that be fixed? I don't want to have to manually add an exclusion to hundreds of PCs before I can upgrade. Also, is there a non-trial version of version 3?

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21 minutes ago, Ried said:

This install error does not happen on every machine.  What do you mean hundreds of machines?  What type of environment are you referring to?

Random sample, but it's happening on every machine I've tried. It's a large non-profit. MBAM 2 Free was installed on the original machine from which the others were cloned, so all machines have it. None of them has any exclusions added, so I would have to do that manually to upgrade to v3. I don't want to have to touch every machine to add an exclusion before I update. Is there a difference in the scan engine between v2 and v3?

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12 hours ago, hopper15 said:

This worked for me as well.  Thanks for posting this.

Glad to hear that worked. No problem on posting it :)

32 minutes ago, ItBitesALot said:

Adding a file to the exclusions list worked for me, too -- thank you. 

Glad to hear it.

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