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how to hackers bypass windows firewall [question]


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Breaking into a computing system is akin to breaking into a building.

First you try to avoid the obvious such as locked doors and windows and look for other points of ingress.  There may be vulnerabilities on the premises such as as a badly latched basement windows or a roof access.  Maybe access a fire escape or take advantage of available clutter to gain access to ordinarily inaccessible locations.  Then there may be situations where the person has particular expertise like the understanding of different lock tumblers and how to use a specific set of tools to "pick the lock" or techniques on how to "jimmie" a window open.  If this is a publicly accessible building the perpetrator may access the building during regular hours and do "something" that makes off-hour ingress easier as a self created "back door".

There are parallels with a computing system.  One may ignore the front doors and look for the back doors.  They may use a specific set of tools and "pick the lock" of computing protocols.  They may do something that causes a self created "back door" to be created.


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