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[RESOLVED] Notifications

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28 minutes ago, celee said:

Hi @Wittmann, sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Can you provide a screenshot of what pop-up you are referring to?

I show here this popup which appears at every key press. If for any reason it is a Firefox matter, then all I can say is that Firefox does not do this on any other site an I have never seen it before, only on the MBAM Forum.

MBAM pop up.JPG

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8 minutes ago, John L. Galt said:

in the bottom right of the notification, where it says Always receive notifications, you should be able to change that.  What options does it give you?

Thanks John,

I looked at the drop-down panel and it said "Block all  notifications" which I checked. The notifications are gone now.

Quite honestly John, I have looked at that drop-down several times before and do not remember ever seeing the Block option.

Anyhow I thank you sincerely and apologise to all for what appears to be wasting time.. Problem SOLVED.

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Glad to help.  I believe it is the way Fx is handling them.  Previously you used to get a choice between two options, and they were radio buttons, so you could easily see both choices and pick the Do not show ... option and then notifications would stop.

However, they changed it to the new drop down method (and I am not sure when), and so it is now a lot more confusing. 

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